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   Through our web site we hope to give you an insight into these wonderful breeds and in so doing help you to decide which breed will be the perfect companion for you and your family.

 To do this we will answer the main questions that are usually asked about each breed and tell you a little bit about who we are and what we believe is important when breeding and showing these delightful little dogs.  However before we go any further we would like to make the distinction between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a King Charles Spaniel.  They are two seperate breeds and are different in both looks and temperament.  There is no such breed as a King Charles Cavalier despite the unfortunate practice by pet shops who sell supposed "purebred" animals who insist on using the incorrect name in their shops. 

A King Charles Spaniel is a slightly smaller dog over all and has what is termed as a "cobbier" body.  This means that the body of the animal tends to be compact, and well boned - chunky if you would.  They have a domed looking head as the ears are low set and they have a nose that is similar to a Pug or Pekingese.  Their temperament is reserved, gentle and affectionate.  We were once told by a breeder that they can tend to be a somewhat one person dog, meaning that they will tend to show more affection for one person in the household over the others.  This doesn't mean that they aren't friendly to the others but that they tend to like one person a little more.  They are a happy intelligent animal but again a breeder once told us that they tend to suit couples more so than families with children expecially small children.

The Cavalier on the other hand is an excellent family dog and is willing to go to anyone!! That is why even though they will alert you to visitors, they would infact lick them to death.  They are no guard dog but it should go without saying that children should never be left unattended with any dog.

In appearance it is the Cavalier's head that really distinguishes it from the King Charles as it tends to look relatively flat on top because the ears are high set and their nose is not "pushed in" but should not be too long or narrow.  They should have a small  amount of fleshy cushioning on the cheeks but the lips must not look hound like.  They are slightly larger than the King Charles both in length and with the average height around the 12 to 13 inch mark from the shoulder to the ground although there is no set height in the breed standard with the ideal weight being around 5.5kg to 8.1kg. 

Cavaliers are full on loving adoration while Tibetans are love me with attitude but both are very loyal.  Where ever you are is where they want to be and with persistence and consistence, they can be trained to do tricks and general obedience.  In the UK the Cavalier is widely used in Agility work (PAL SUPER DOG type things), but the personality of any dog is very much a relfection of their owner.  If you make a sook out of them and give in to them, they will have you wrapped around their little paws in no time.  Our motto is start as you mean to finish. People with children should look upon training the dog just as they would in raising their child.  Do not tollerate tantrums, do not tollerate disobedience, and do not overindulge them. 





What we would like you to remember is no matter who you purchase your Cavalier or Tibetan Spaniel from please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We just want you to be happy with your choice of friend.






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