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  (Photograph is of Roswell Wishful Thinkin)  



At first people may believe that our “prefix” of ROSWELL came about because of the UFO incident in Roswell New Mexico. Well nothing could be further from the truth.  

We take our name from an American gentleman by the name of Roswell Eldridge who in the 1920’s, visited England looking for a spaniel like those in the paintings of King Charles I & II. When he could not find any he offered a reward of ₤25 for 5 years to the breeder who could produce a dog like those in the paintings.

Hence the rebirth of these delightful dogs and it could be said that he saved the breed from extinction.

Cavaliers were originally used as lap dogs or comforters but have been used “in the field” as they are after all spaniels. The breed standard says their temperament should be “gay fearless but non aggressive” and this is what we aim for in our dogs.

 We began in Cavaliers in 1992, and our first bitch came from the Buraba kennels in Victoria.  To this we have added some Homerbrent lines and believe that we are establishing a sound line of dogs that we can be proud of. 

Now over the years we believe that we have built a sound reputation for not only providing healthy well adjusted puppies but for our approachability in providing a source of information about the breed.  Our belief is making sure that anyone who adopts a Cavalier or who is thinking about adopting a pup has as much information as possible and so this site is dedicated to information not bragging about show ring conquests. Of course the same can be said for our second breed the Tibetan Spaniel.  It also means that as a general rule we do not need to advertise anywhere but if we do we utilise DOGZONLINE which is a site SOLELY FOR REGISTERED PEDIGREE BREEDERS.

We moved to our current address in 1997 at which time it was no more than a house in a paddock. Therefore establishing the yard and house to be suitable for our animals (and us) took priority over showing our dogs. This means that we were seemingly absent from the show ring for a while.  Now having added a room specifically for the dogs and established specific areas where the dogs are sheltered and safe we have been able to venture back into the show side of things.  However it is now unfortunately the case that due to physical disabilities we are unable to show the Cavaliers as much as we would like and only show the Cavaliers on odd occassions. 

 However this does not mean that we have not been keeping our eye in as to the continuing evolution of the breed as we strive to breed the “perfect” Cavalier and we are proud to say that our home grown Roswell Wishful Thinkin’ gained third place in his very first show which just happened to be the Adelaide Royal Show. He has since produced a lovely son “AJ” who we have unfortunately not been able to show often enough.   A.J. has now produced a lovelly girl Mia from a bitch that we have obtained from the Miniatura Kennels.  Mia held much promise but unfortunately we lost her to a massive infection after delivering her second litter and which we also lost.  Thankfully her son from her first litter Paddy to his friends has shaped up nicely and Wayne enjoys showing him when he can.

Not being able to show the Cavaliers as much as we would like meant that we, especially Wayne, were having "withdrawal symptoms" and so we decided to find another breed that we could manage in the ring.  When we first began showing the Cavaliers we were befriended by a couple (Pam and Ken Talbot) who showed a beautiful little breed called the Tibetan Spaniel and we on occassion would assist them at various shows.  It was then that we first began to appreciate this delightful breed and it was this first taste of the breed that led our quest for another breed to take us fully into the world of the Tibetan Spaniels. 


So it was in 2006 that we were priveledged to obtain our first Tibetan Spaniels.  This charming breed is easier for us with our mobility issues to show needing only  a brisk walk round the show ring.   We are pleased to say that we have been moderately successfull to date achieving Best of Breed at the Adelaide Royal Show 2007 with Jefferey as well as Puppy of Breed in both 2007 and in 2008 when we won Puppy of Breed with our first Roswell offspring, a little boy by the name of Roswell Montana Outlaw or James to his friends.  In 2010 we were awarded Puppy of Breed again at the Adelaide Royal Show with our own Roswell Book Ov Charms Jefferey's daughter and last year in 2012 we again won Best of Breed with Teddy.  One of Teddy's sons achieved Puppy of Breed at the Melbourne Royal last year also. 2013 also saw us being awarded the inaugral Royal Adelaide Shows Baby Of Breed with our home grown Tibbie "Roswell Dark Knight". 2014 gave us Best of Breed again with Mandy who by doing so achieved enough points to gain her Champion title.   Over all to date we have averaged one major award at the Adelaide Royal each year since our first time in 2007.   Our first male Jefferey is now semi retired and having won multiple Best in Group, Runner Up in Group, Class in Group and Class in Show awards deserves the rest.  Teddy's son Denny is now a champion and has now on several occassions beat his Dad in the ring and we have a Jefferey grandson beginning his show career already winning a Puppy in Group.  Hope this means onwards and upwards!

Once upon a time we could not imagine our life without a Cavalier, but now we have to say that it will always have to have a Tibbie in it too!

We are really enjoying showing these fun loving little dogs that certainly can have a mind of their own, and we thank Judy Gard, Pam Dron and Chris Scott for their time, advise, help and friendship which has put us on the road to this exciting new adventure and of course we also thank Ken and Pam for introducing us to the breed all those years ago.  You will find more information on the Tibetan Spaniels on their own page.



 Please no matter who you purchase your puppy from feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We just want you to be happy with your choice of friend.

Contact Details
Wayne & Suzanne McCreight
Halbury (nr Balaklava), SA, Australia
Phone : 0427616447 or 0437516365
Email : [email protected]

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