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One of the first considerations when owning a dog is a well fenced yard  This is absolutely important to keep your pet safe. They tend to get “tunnel vision” and have no real road sense and of course a well fenced swimming pool for both children and pup is a definite must. Just make sure that the fence is BABY PUPPY proof not just adult proof!  Something that we didn't think about when we purchased our fence and which Evie quite nicely pointed out to us!  We have rectified this problem by installing small grid wire around the bottom section of the fence.

A frequently asked question is how often to bath the dog. We believe that this in some respects is  personal choice but feel that at least once a fortnight is a good guide. It really depends on whether you think the dog is dirty (or has that dreaded doggy odour) as to how often to bath your pet. Human shampoo can be used, but there are plenty of specific dog shampoos to choose from which are probably more appropriate. Natural ingredient products are good to help prevent allergies and a capful of Martha Gardeners Wool mix or a few drops of Eucalyptus oil added to the final rinse water will help to ward off fleas.  A clean coat is a healthy coat.


In the winter to dry that wet fur obtained from going out to toilet or for a daily stroll, a handful of either cornflour or potato flour rubbed into the offending fur and then brushed out will do the trick quite nicely. Don’t worry about it being white flour on brown fur, once brushed out you won’t know it was ever there.

As mentioned on the first page, vaccination of your puppy is commenced by our vet with a ‘C3’ vaccination at around six weeks of age. This vaccination covers Canine Distmeper, Canine Hepititis and Canine Parvovirus. The date for the next vaccination will be on the vaccination certificate that you will receive from the breeder. If you intend to board your dog in kennels during holidays then a ‘C4’ vaccination should be given and you need to tell your vet this when you take the pup for its vaccination.  Your vet will then tell you when the next one is due.  Parvovirus is the biggest worry as it will live in the ground for at least 10 or more years and so we recommend that you do not put your puppy on the ground in any public place including your front garden until your pup is fully covered by its vaccinations. 

We also begin treating our puppies at 10 days old for worms. We continue this periodically until 8 weeks of age and then you will need to treat your puppy every month until 6 months of age and then 3 monthly for life. Treating for worms as a precaution is of vital importance as some of the worms dogs can be infected by are transmitable to humans and can have dire consequences should this happen such as blindness.  So preventatve treatment and good hygiene is of utmost importance.  Of course the other worm consideration is Heartworm and while not overly prevelant in South Australia, it is worth treating for as it is transmitted from dog to dog via mosquito bite.  Therefore if a dog from interstate with heartworm is visiting nearby or in the park with your dog and is bitten by a mosquito which then bites your dog, your dog will be infected too.  They say "an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure". 

As part of the package that we give to new owners, information on heartworm is also included so that you can make an informed decision regarding treatment and if you have any questions you can ask your vet. 

We also believe in a periodic dose with a probiotic product such as Yokult or a yogurt with the additives in it to promote healthy gut bacteria just as we should for ourselves. This is an especially good thing to do if for some reason your pet has needed a course of antibiotics as the antibiotics neutralize the “good” bacteria in the gut. However wait until the course of medication is completed before doing so.

Now, in regards to harmful plants and food stuffs, we have dedicated a page to the subject and suggest that you read it carefully.  We have also included a link to another website for further information on the topic.





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