Tibetan Spaniels

While we have now been "owned" by this breed since 2006 there is still so much to learn about this delightful breed, but we do know that they have a lot to offer.  They are a very loving little dog who while being just a touch aloof with strangers, will quickly win over the most hardened of hearts.  We find it amusing that after having bathed our Jefferey that he tends to try and ignore us for at least a few hours as if to say "you did that to me and expect me to be friendly?" However, he is soon back to his loving self and all seems forgiven until next time!!

Grooming of the Tibetans is much like grooming a Cavalier, it needs to be done on a regular basis to avoid those horrid knots.  Tibetans unlike Cavaliers though have an undercoat which is what tends to knot rather than the top coat. Ears need to be wiped out regularly to avoid earmite but on a whole these dogs are fairly low maintenance.  Their coat is such that they tend not to get that strong doggy odour and in fact can get really dirty rolling in the mud for instance but dry out with little to no evidence of ever having been dirty!!  Therefore they can be washed less often. It really comes down to personal preference though so do what you are comfortable with remembering that a clean coat is a healthy coat. 

Our Tibetan family has grown and evolved from our first 3 show kids (Aleisha, Jefferey and Maddie)  but we have been concentrating more on the show side than breeding and as mentioned earlier we have achieved a great deal of success.   Winning multiple Best In Group,Runner Up In Group and Class In Group awards,  as well as 2 Junior in Shows.  Since our first Best of Breed and Puppy of Breed at the 2007 Adelaide Royal Show  we have gone on to acheive 2 more Adelaide Royal Show Puppy Of Breed awards a total of 3 out of 4 years of participating in this class.  In 2008 our very own Roswell Montana Outlaw (James, one of Aleisha's pups), and in 2011 with our own Roswell Book Ov Charms Jefferey's daughter.  Charm has also won Puppy In Groups and was unofficially a Champion at 10months old. So as we have not been breeding we are not able to have our stock out there winning for us but who knows what the years ahead will bring.  For now we are happy with our own personal acheivements such as being awarded runner up baby in show and runner up puppy in show at the recent Victorian Tibetan Spaniel Specialty show under a French judge.  We also placed third with our Baby Bitch in a class of 9 and 3rd with the father of the puppy in the Open class of 9 dogs.  This dog Teddy has now achieved Best of Breed (2012) and Runner Up Best of Breed (2013) Adelaide Royal Show and his son was placed 1st in Puppy Dog class of 5 and was pipped at the post for Puppy of Breed. His other son won Puppy of Breed at the Melbourne Royal Show 2012. In 2013 we  managed to achieve Baby of Breed at the  Adelaide Royal Show. This little baby has Jefferey for his grandfather and Charm for his mother so we are more than pleased.     In 2014 we achieved Best of Breed again at the Adelaide Royal and in fact this Challenge gave the bitch the points needed to be a Champion and then in 2015 Mandy took out Challenge bitch again.  We can also add another Puppy of Breed with our NZ import "Harry at the 2015 Royal. So for the 10 years of showing at the Adelaide Royal we have on average one win each year.

We would like to acknowledge the help and friendship shown to us by both Judy Gard and Pam Dron.  We also thank Ken and Pam Talbot who were showing Tibbies all those years ago when we began our show career for it was then that we began to know and fall in love with Tibbies.  We also thank Chris Scott for encouraging us into the breed many years later.  We hope you enjoy looking at the photo's of our little brood.




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