Why By A Pedigree Dog?


Buying from a breeder that is registered with their states controlling canine body may seem like an unimportant thing, but it is this credential that designates the reliability of the quality and the reputation of the breeder from whom you are purchasing. It means that you are buying  from people that have dedicated their time, love and knowledge into their chosen breed.  It is somewhat like a hospital's acreditation.  I often compare it to buying from some $2.00 shop or buying a Mercedies Benz. 

So the fact that we have been members of DOGS SA (formerly known as the South Australian Canine Association) since 1992 should speak volumes   As  DOGS SA members we are bound by their strict rules and constitution to ensure that you the consumers get the best experience from owning your new family member.

 One important rule that DOGS S.A. have established is that we may not sell any puppy before it is eight calendar weeks old and has been vaccinated at six weeks of age. This is stipulated so that the vaccination has had two weeks to begin protecting your puppy.

 There are many “breeders” who sell “purebred” or “pedigree” pups that are NOT  a member of their states ruling body.  While they may have obtained their own dog/s from a registered breeder, UNLESS THEY ARE MEMBERS they themselves cannot register a litter of pups with their states ruling body and so even if they have the paperwork for their own dog in their name they still cannot declare themselves as registered pedigree breeders.

If you go to someone to purchase a pup and you have any doubts, ask to see some proof that they are members of a canine association. They should also inform you that your pup will be microchipped and registered on the Limited Register with their states ruling body.  This limited register means that while it recognises that the pup is a pedigreed animal it cannot be shown or if bred with the pups cannot be registered as pedigreed.   Unfortunately though there are members of their states controlling body who use their membership as a cover to just breed.Having the "official" tick of approval just makes them seem as though they know what they are doing.  Buyer beware!

At this point as a good example of the above statement we would like to point out that there is currently a person living in the Moonta area of S.A. who is breeding Cavalier pups and allowing people to believe that they are Roswell Kennels.  We live near Balaklava and take this opportunity to distance ourselves from this person and will not be held responsible for any pups purchased from them.

For details of other registered breeders phone DOGS SA.  Every state in Australia has its own controlling body, all of which are affiliated with the national body the Australian National Kennel Council.  Also worth knowing is that any breeders listed on the DOGZ ONLINE website are registered with their states affiliated Dog Control Body, e.g. DOGS VICTORIA, DOGS NSW etc..

BE AWARE THAT DOGS SA & A.N.K.C. membership takes precedence over any individual breed clubs that exist even though most of these clubs are affiliated with the ruling body in their state.  A person can be a member of the S.A. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club without being a member of DOGS S.A.  Therefore should they breed with their animal it will not mean that is is a pedigree and cannot go with official DOGS SA pedigree papers.



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